What makes a note sharp? If a note has a sharp symbol (♯) to the left of it, that is an indication that the note is sharp..When a note is sharp it is a half step higher than the note is in its natural position. Notes are considered "natural" if they have no accidentals (flats or sharps) in front of them. (Of course, if there are flats or sharps in the key signature then whatever accidentals are in the signature apply to the notes.)

What makes a note flat? When a note has a "♭" in front of it, this makes the note a half step lower. For example on the violin or viola A string, the "B" (first finger in first position) is a whole step away from the open A. When the note is B♭, the note is meaning the finger is now a half step lower, or closer to the nut of the violin or viola.

Steps are the intervals between notes. The smallest step between notes is a half step .Whole steps are comprised of two half steps.